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So how safe are Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines?

According to a whistleblower Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines are not safe at all. They are produced under dirty conditions on old equipment by untrained workers.

And they are failing safety tests again and again.

A few days ago someone entrusted me with documents alleging illegal behaviour in order to cover up severe safety issues at one of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine-manufacturing plants.

According to the whistleblower these safety issues are CURRENT and are taking place even though the FDA inspected  two of Sanofi Pasteur’s plants in the Spring of 2012 and found so many breaches of safety procedures that the world’s  largest vaccine-manufacturer was sent a very stern warning letter.


The  internal Sanofi Pasteur-documents were sent to me supposedly by a senior employee at a Sanofi Pasteur plant, but when I contacted this individual, the person denied having sent anything to me.

However Sanofi Pasteur immediately fired off an email with threats of all sorts of actions against me if I did not return the documents straight away.

At this point in time, I am not returning anything. I think it is important that these allegations of improper, illegal and dangerous behaviour are thoroughly investigated by the regulatory agencies set up to protect public safety.

After my husband, Malcolm Brabant, was sent mad by Sanofi Pasteur’s yellow fever vaccine, the pharmaceutical giant has repeatedly lied. They still deny any link between my husband’s illness and the vaccine despite admitting to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph in May 2013 that there are other cases of people suffering mental disorders after having the company’s yellow fever vaccine.

I wonder how long Sanofi Pasteur’s CEO Jean-Paul Kress will go on lying. How many more people will have to suffer like my husband did before Sanofi Pasteur investigates a vaccine leading experts now call “not as safe as we used to think it was.”

As you can see from this video below  – a promo for my husband’s book about his vaccine-hell, –  we as a family found out the hard way how devastatingly  ill you can get from a Sanofi Pasteur vaccine.

If you are a Sanofi Pasteur-employee  with information that might help my husband and other vaccine-victims, please get in touch. You can  write me anonymously at



My husband’s book “Malcolm is a Little Unwell” about his descent into madness after receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s Yellow Fever vaccine Stamaril (YF-VAX in the U.S.) is receiving glowing

But I wanted to share one review in particular.

It is writen by Chris Barclay, a retired General Practitioner from Suffolk in Great Britain.Chris Barclay is an old school friend of my husband’s, but he is also an expert on viral haemorrhagic fevers, including Yellow Fever. Some 20 years ago, Chris Barclay worked in West Africa and there he witnessed   first hand how the Yellow Fever virus behaves in the human body.

Doctor Barclay slams Sanofi Pasteur*s claim that there is no link between its vaccine and my husband’s illness. Here is his review:

I had expected Malcolm Brabant’s book to be a chronology, a diary of his experiences of mental collapse after his Yellow Fever Vaccination. It had that of course, but so much more. Brabant has he been able to describe his experience throughout the illness, but he has also been able to look at each incident objectively and rationally. He has turned his journalistic training around and applied it (forensically) to himself. The result, along with all the asides and background narration is an utterly compelling biography. It deserves to be very widely read.

Turning to the cause of his disaster… it seems pretty evident that the injection was to blame. Before the jab he functioned in high stress, high demand jobs for years. In fact he appears to have relished and flourished under pressure, traveling widely and reporting regularly from any number of war zones. In other words there  has never been a hint of mental illness or weakness before. And yet, despite a severe viral type physical illness immediately following the Stamaril, live-virus Yellow Fever injection, which was the immediately followed by a prolonged relapsing and remitting psychotic illness the drug company (Sanofi Pasteur) say their jab had nothing to do with it. I once said to a pharmaceutics rep’ that drug companies were interested in dividends for shareholders, bonuses for executives… oh, and good for humanity – in that order. No! he said:” it’s bonuses first and dividends second.” Doing good is not their prime objective. It ain’t personal, its business (i.e. money). Illegitimae non carborundum!

So there you have it. A  medical doctor, who has seen  the  Yellow Fever virus at work in a human body is in no doubt that my husband’s illness was caused by the yellow fever vaccine (the vaccine contains live yellow fever virus.)

I wonder how long  Jean-Paul Kress, CEO of Sanofi Pasteur,  and his men in grey suits  will go on denying facts.

My husband’s book  “Malcolm is a Little  Unwell” –  click here to buy it outside the U.K.

My husband’s book “Malcolm is a Little Unwell – click here to buy it if you live in the U.K.



Last week the world’s largest vaccine-manufacturer admitted there are reports of cases of mental illness relating to its yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril.

My husband is one of them. Here he is photographed in his hospital bed in Athens 10 days after receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s catastrophic yellow fever vaccine.


This week, in a statement released to Channel 4 News in the U.K., there is no mention of these  cases of mental illness despite being asked specifically about them.

How did  these  vaccine-victims suddenly disappear from the pharmaceutical giant’s radar again?

Because Sanofi Pasteur realised the truth is hurting the profits.Share prices could drop  as a result of this admission and shareholders might become very unhappy if the public loses confidence in the vaccine-manufacturers products.

Who wouldn’t think twice about getting the yellow fever vaccine – or indeed any other Sanofi Pasteur-vaccine –  now that  the vaccine-manufacturer itself  has  admitted that the vaccine can send you mad?

Instead, Sanofi Pasteur has gone into full damage control-mode. The company’s PR-person  writes in the statement:

“ Sanofi Pasteur fully supports the safety profile of their yellow fever vaccine Stamaril.”

Sanofi Pasteur also tells more outright and outrageous lies.

The pharmaceutical giant is still denying any link between its vaccine and my husband’s illness. We have shared all my husband’s medical records with them and his biochemistry results clearly show he suffered an adverse event.

How can we as consumers – and victim – have any faith in their products, when they deny  simple facts?

The statement contains the usual assurances about how my husband’s vaccine “passed numerous quality controls.” Remember what the FDA wrote about Sanofi Pasteur’s quality control after they inspected two of their plants::

 “The deficiencies described …… issued at the close of each inspection referenced above and this letter are an indication of your quality control units not fulfilling their responsibility to assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of your licensed biological drug products and intermediates. 

Could that be why Sanofi Pasteur will not share the findings of their investigation into my husband’s vaccine?

I am sure Sanofi Pasteur CEO Jean-Paul Kress is hoping that  his  spin doctored statement about my husband’s case  will be enough to restore consumer confidence in their vaccines. He is probably also hoping Christmas will come early this year in that I will run out of steam and go away.

A life in peace and quiet with my husband restored to his  pre-vaccine good health and no financial worries. Oh, I would love it, but that is not going to happen until Sanofi Pasteur acknowledges that the yellow fever vaccine fried my husband’s brain.

So no matter how many lies the world’s biggest vaccine-manufacturer pumps out in carefully worded corporate statements, I will continue my fight for justice for my husband.

This week we have been doing more media and in the coming days, you will see and hear much more from us. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please buy my husband’s book about his Sanofi Pasteur-induced mental hell. “Malcolm is a Little Unwell” is receiving glowing reviews on and (links below)

And please  sign our petiion (link below.)

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Sanofi  Pasteur’s admission that its yellow fever vaccine can make people go mad has left me shocked and disgusted.

For two years Sanofi Pasteur not only denied there was any link between my husband’s mental illness and the vaccine. They deliberately lied.

Below is a picture of my husband in his bed  at the locked-up psychiatric ward in Copenhagen. He is heavily sedated after having suffered another excruciating  episode of anxiety and paranoia.


I have known all along that my husband’s case was not the only one.

I am in contact with a family, whose teenage-boy developed severe psychotic episodes within days of having the same vaccine as my husband had.

I am also in touch with the family of a sailor, a man in his prime, who should be getting married and starting his own  family, but who is living at home with his elderly parents, struck down by mental problems that developed very shortly after he had the same vaccine as my husband had.

And then there is the lady in a northern country, who is either too frightened or too ashamed of the  mental problems, that hit her like a thunderbolt after she had the Stamaril-vaccine, to speak to me.

Another brave woman wrote and told of her descent into a life of memory loss and unemployment after having  Sanofi Pasteur’s  Stamaril-vaccine. But, as she puts it: “At least  I was never locked-up in a psychiatric hospital like your husband.”

Together with my husband all these people  – and many more we never even hear about – are victims of a vaccine. They are overlooked figures in statistics,  that glow about the success-rates of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines. Even though Sanofi Pasteur admits to “fever than 10 cases, including Mr Brabant’s relating to mental disorders”  as they said in a statement, it is still too many.

Right from the beginning of my husband’s catastrophic dive into the darkest corners of a human mind, Sanofi Pasteur could have helped him. I alerted the pharmaceutical company on the day my husband was  placed in a locked-up psychiatric hospital in Athens, Greece.  Sanofi Pasteur asked for access to my husband’s doctors and I instantly granted it. They knew what was happening to him because  – as they have now admitted – it had happened before.

Yet, they not only chose not to help. They lied to us.

It is hard to comprehend the kind of morals that seem to rule Sanofi Pasteur.

Does Jean-Paul Kress, president and CEO of the vaccine-manufacturer  really get up every morning, look himself in the mirror and says: “Today, I am going to screw another victim of our vaccines into the ground.”

And does Richard Stubbins, head of Sanofi Pasteur’s U.K. operations have a daily goal of telling at least one lie in order to ensure that the company stays profitable?

I would not wish my husband’s mental nightmare on any of these gentlemen or one of their loved ones. That would simply  be too cruel.

But I do want justice for my husband.

Click here to buy my husband’s book about his mental illness – U.K. version

Click here to buy my husband’s  book about his mental illness – outside U.K. version



My husband’s book about the insanity-Hell created by Sanofi Pasteur’s yellow fever vaccine Stamaril is now available as an e-book  from and

Here is the link, if you  live in the U.K.

Here is the link if you live outside the U.K.

The book is also available for other e-book formats, including ibooks and Barnes and Noble from

Here is the link:

I have watched my husband every step of his painful journey from a happy, healthy guy, a respected BBC-reporter, to a severely psychotic, deeply disturbed and suicidal wreck of a human being. I sat with him in his room in the locked-up  psychiatric ward as he  rocked backwards and forwards, clutching his arms around him like an autistic child, repeating over and over again: ”I am the Devil. I am the Devil.”

It is  – perhaps – one of life’s big ironies, that I have been close to mental illness before with other family members, but  let me tell you this: I have never, ever seen a human being suffer the way my husband suffered.

I took the picture below of my husband one dark afternoon inside his room (that he had to share with two other patients) at a locked-up psychiatric unit in Copenhagen.


From that mental abyss, he has clawed his way back, helped by doctors, tons of medication and  – not the least – his tremendous willpower. My husband is my hero. He is an inspiration to all of us and I am deeply humbled by his example.

We do not know if his vaccine-induced mental illness will return. The doctors can’t tell us, so the future is uncertain for my husband and for us a family.

Sanofi Pasteur claims in a letter to us there is no link between their yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril, and my husband’s illness.

In the medical world there are three factors determining whether a symptom is related to a drug or vaccine.

1)   Time of on-set of symptoms – my husband fell ill less than 24 hours after receiving the vaccine.

2)   Other drug-involvement prior to or at the time of the vaccination –  my husband took no other drugs prior to or  at the time he received  Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine and he only had that one vaccine.

3)   Medical history – my husband had  no history of any mental health problems prior to having the vaccine. There is no history of any mental health problems in his family.

So there you are. My husband  ticks all the boxes for what is called a “causal relationship” between the vaccine and his illness.

How can Sanofi Pasteur say that their vaccine did not cause my husband to go mad?

I tell you why. The world’s largest vaccine-manufacturer is only looking at one thing: Their bottom line.

Like the banks, it’s all about corporate greed, not corporate responsibility.

They don’t care how many lives they wreck as long as they are making money.

It has to stop.

I will be in the U.K. next week to launch our campaign to make Sanofi Pasteur acknowledge that their vaccine nearly killed my husband and left him with a potential chronic mental illness. I will be doing lots of media – and I will not stop until there is justice for my husband.



There is every chance that you or one of your loved ones will have a vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur at least once in your life.

Whether it’s a flu-shot for yourself or a frail, elderly parent, the HPV-vaccine for your teenager or the MMR-jab for your baby, it is highly likely that the vaccine will come from  the world’s largest vaccine-manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur.

But how safe are their vaccines really?

In April 2012 the FDA (American Food And Drug Administration) inspected two of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine-manufacturing plants. One in Toronto, Canada and one near Lyon in France.

The FDA found numerous breaches of safety regulations and procedures. They even found a bird’s nest in a grille leading to a vent, connected to one of the vaccine production facilities!

The inspections revealed breaches of such a serious nature that the FDA issued a stern warning letter to Sanofi Pasteur. The letter is very technical, BUT  it raises serious  and disturbing questions about the safety of  ALL of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines.

The FDA writes:

“You (Sanofi Pasteur) failed to thoroughly investigate any unexplained discrepancy or the failure of a batch or any of its components to meet any of its specifications and to extend the investigation to other batches of the same drug product and other drug products  (my italics) that may have been associated with the specific failure or discrepancy “

The FDA also issues this damning verdict:

“The deficiencies described …… issued at the close of each inspection referenced above and this letter are an indication of your quality control units not fulfilling their responsibility to assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of your licensed biological drug products and intermediates. “

The safety breaches are numerous and  so serious that the FDA wants Sanofi Pasteur to undertake a GLOBAL check on all of its plants.

“FDA expects Sanofi to undertake a comprehensive and global assessment of all of its manufacturing operations to ensure that all products conform to FDA requirements. “

The FDA ends it letter by once again raising the issue of how safe Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines really are.

“Neither this letter, nor the observations listed on each Form FDA 483 presented at the conclusion of the inspections, are intended to be an all-inclusive list of deviations that may exist at your facilities.”

Sanofi Pasteur currently has more than 25 vaccines on the market in Europe.