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In April, 2011, my husband – the award-winning BBC foreign correspondent, Malcolm Brabant – went for a routine yellow fever vaccination in order to undertake an assignment in Africa.

Within hours, he started to feel extremely unwell and was admitted to hospital where we lived in Athens.  The next few months were a nightmare: even after the initial fever had abated, Malcolm’s mental state began to deteriorate.  He was unable to work and so eventually I decided that we had to move back to my native Denmark where he could receive proper psychiatric care.


Malcolm Brabant

Malcolm in Hospital in Copenhagen


My name is Trine Villemann and, like my husband Malcolm, I’m a journalist.  I’m also a woman on a mission – a mission to get justice for my husband.

The manufacturers of the vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur, have thrown up a wall of silence and have resorted to fairly transparent delaying tactics.  It’s time that the world knew that their vaccines are not safe – I believe that Malcolm is not the only person to experience an extreme reaction following a yellow fever shot.

We’re now campaigning to persuade them to do the right thing.  Please check back regularly for campaign updates and ideas on how you can help us.  If you haven’t done so already, please sign our online petition, like the campaign on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

As the months go by, I will share with readers of this blog my thoughts, frustrations, hopes and fears.


3 responses to “Welcome to my World”

  1. Mary Grace Sponn says :

    What can I do to help from New Jersey USA? I am friend with Jo Andrews. I want you to know I am sending positive vibes out to you and your husband. If you come to New York, you are welcome to stay at my home. I’m a 1/2 hour train ride from NYC. Marygrace@me.com

  2. Cherry Sperlin Misra says :

    Trine, Thankyou for joining the ranks of those fighting for health freedom and justice for the injured. Hearing of your husbands suffering upsets me a great deal. He is one of the “lucky” ones whose suffering began early, so that doctors could not deny vaccine damage. I have studied about holocaust of autism, caused by vaccines with mercury since year 2000. Please stay with this topic and you will realise that the problem is far, far wider than you can imagine today. One of the things which I learned during my years of study is that mercury damages the immune system for some weeks after a vaccine. So here I am in the US for the last 3 weeks and have already run into three people who suffered health damage after flu shots. None of the three were aware that their problems began with the flu shot. One woman had a variety of infectiions, made worse by doctors who operated on her during the period of poor immune system. She feels , pretty much , that she is a basket case, despite being a young woman. The second was a woman who developed multiple ear infections and vertigo . She also eats fish frequently- so more mercury there. What can doctors do to help her? Hey! Lots of tests and antibiotics. The third was a woman who developed inflammation of nerve fibres post flu shot- with pain for which doctors prescribed physiotherapy !!. Of course the physio did not help at all, which the patient herself realised. The bottom line is that medical doctors are far far behind in their application of science to medical practise. In every field of medicine you see scientists doing good research wich is then ignored for decades by mainstream medical doctors. Is it surprising that many people now feel that mainstream medicine WANTS us to remain unhealthy so that they can give us TREATMENTS forever?

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