So how safe are Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines?

According to a whistleblower Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines are not safe at all. They are produced under dirty conditions on old equipment by untrained workers.

And they are failing safety tests again and again.

A few days ago someone entrusted me with documents alleging illegal behaviour in order to cover up severe safety issues at one of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine-manufacturing plants.

According to the whistleblower these safety issues are CURRENT and are taking place even though the FDA inspected  two of Sanofi Pasteur’s plants in the Spring of 2012 and found so many breaches of safety procedures that the world’s  largest vaccine-manufacturer was sent a very stern warning letter.


The  internal Sanofi Pasteur-documents were sent to me supposedly by a senior employee at a Sanofi Pasteur plant, but when I contacted this individual, the person denied having sent anything to me.

However Sanofi Pasteur immediately fired off an email with threats of all sorts of actions against me if I did not return the documents straight away.

At this point in time, I am not returning anything. I think it is important that these allegations of improper, illegal and dangerous behaviour are thoroughly investigated by the regulatory agencies set up to protect public safety.

After my husband, Malcolm Brabant, was sent mad by Sanofi Pasteur’s yellow fever vaccine, the pharmaceutical giant has repeatedly lied. They still deny any link between my husband’s illness and the vaccine despite admitting to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph in May 2013 that there are other cases of people suffering mental disorders after having the company’s yellow fever vaccine.

I wonder how long Sanofi Pasteur’s CEO Jean-Paul Kress will go on lying. How many more people will have to suffer like my husband did before Sanofi Pasteur investigates a vaccine leading experts now call “not as safe as we used to think it was.”

As you can see from this video below  – a promo for my husband’s book about his vaccine-hell, –  we as a family found out the hard way how devastatingly  ill you can get from a Sanofi Pasteur vaccine.

If you are a Sanofi Pasteur-employee  with information that might help my husband and other vaccine-victims, please get in touch. You can  write me anonymously at villemann3@gmail.com


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