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My husband’s book “Malcolm is a Little Unwell” about his descent into madness after receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s Yellow Fever vaccine Stamaril (YF-VAX in the U.S.) is receiving glowing

But I wanted to share one review in particular.

It is writen by Chris Barclay, a retired General Practitioner from Suffolk in Great Britain.Chris Barclay is an old school friend of my husband’s, but he is also an expert on viral haemorrhagic fevers, including Yellow Fever. Some 20 years ago, Chris Barclay worked in West Africa and there he witnessed   first hand how the Yellow Fever virus behaves in the human body.

Doctor Barclay slams Sanofi Pasteur*s claim that there is no link between its vaccine and my husband’s illness. Here is his review:

I had expected Malcolm Brabant’s book to be a chronology, a diary of his experiences of mental collapse after his Yellow Fever Vaccination. It had that of course, but so much more. Brabant has he been able to describe his experience throughout the illness, but he has also been able to look at each incident objectively and rationally. He has turned his journalistic training around and applied it (forensically) to himself. The result, along with all the asides and background narration is an utterly compelling biography. It deserves to be very widely read.

Turning to the cause of his disaster… it seems pretty evident that the injection was to blame. Before the jab he functioned in high stress, high demand jobs for years. In fact he appears to have relished and flourished under pressure, traveling widely and reporting regularly from any number of war zones. In other words there  has never been a hint of mental illness or weakness before. And yet, despite a severe viral type physical illness immediately following the Stamaril, live-virus Yellow Fever injection, which was the immediately followed by a prolonged relapsing and remitting psychotic illness the drug company (Sanofi Pasteur) say their jab had nothing to do with it. I once said to a pharmaceutics rep’ that drug companies were interested in dividends for shareholders, bonuses for executives… oh, and good for humanity – in that order. No! he said:” it’s bonuses first and dividends second.” Doing good is not their prime objective. It ain’t personal, its business (i.e. money). Illegitimae non carborundum!

So there you have it. A  medical doctor, who has seen  the  Yellow Fever virus at work in a human body is in no doubt that my husband’s illness was caused by the yellow fever vaccine (the vaccine contains live yellow fever virus.)

I wonder how long  Jean-Paul Kress, CEO of Sanofi Pasteur,  and his men in grey suits  will go on denying facts.

My husband’s book  “Malcolm is a Little  Unwell” –  click here to buy it outside the U.K.

My husband’s book “Malcolm is a Little Unwell – click here to buy it if you live in the U.K.




Last week the world’s largest vaccine-manufacturer admitted there are reports of cases of mental illness relating to its yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril.

My husband is one of them. Here he is photographed in his hospital bed in Athens 10 days after receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s catastrophic yellow fever vaccine.


This week, in a statement released to Channel 4 News in the U.K., there is no mention of these  cases of mental illness despite being asked specifically about them.

How did  these  vaccine-victims suddenly disappear from the pharmaceutical giant’s radar again?

Because Sanofi Pasteur realised the truth is hurting the profits.Share prices could drop  as a result of this admission and shareholders might become very unhappy if the public loses confidence in the vaccine-manufacturers products.

Who wouldn’t think twice about getting the yellow fever vaccine – or indeed any other Sanofi Pasteur-vaccine –  now that  the vaccine-manufacturer itself  has  admitted that the vaccine can send you mad?

Instead, Sanofi Pasteur has gone into full damage control-mode. The company’s PR-person  writes in the statement:

“ Sanofi Pasteur fully supports the safety profile of their yellow fever vaccine Stamaril.”

Sanofi Pasteur also tells more outright and outrageous lies.

The pharmaceutical giant is still denying any link between its vaccine and my husband’s illness. We have shared all my husband’s medical records with them and his biochemistry results clearly show he suffered an adverse event.

How can we as consumers – and victim – have any faith in their products, when they deny  simple facts?

The statement contains the usual assurances about how my husband’s vaccine “passed numerous quality controls.” Remember what the FDA wrote about Sanofi Pasteur’s quality control after they inspected two of their plants::

 “The deficiencies described …… issued at the close of each inspection referenced above and this letter are an indication of your quality control units not fulfilling their responsibility to assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of your licensed biological drug products and intermediates. 

Could that be why Sanofi Pasteur will not share the findings of their investigation into my husband’s vaccine?

I am sure Sanofi Pasteur CEO Jean-Paul Kress is hoping that  his  spin doctored statement about my husband’s case  will be enough to restore consumer confidence in their vaccines. He is probably also hoping Christmas will come early this year in that I will run out of steam and go away.

A life in peace and quiet with my husband restored to his  pre-vaccine good health and no financial worries. Oh, I would love it, but that is not going to happen until Sanofi Pasteur acknowledges that the yellow fever vaccine fried my husband’s brain.

So no matter how many lies the world’s biggest vaccine-manufacturer pumps out in carefully worded corporate statements, I will continue my fight for justice for my husband.

This week we have been doing more media and in the coming days, you will see and hear much more from us. Stay tuned!

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