Sanofi  Pasteur’s admission that its yellow fever vaccine can make people go mad has left me shocked and disgusted.

For two years Sanofi Pasteur not only denied there was any link between my husband’s mental illness and the vaccine. They deliberately lied.

Below is a picture of my husband in his bed  at the locked-up psychiatric ward in Copenhagen. He is heavily sedated after having suffered another excruciating  episode of anxiety and paranoia.


I have known all along that my husband’s case was not the only one.

I am in contact with a family, whose teenage-boy developed severe psychotic episodes within days of having the same vaccine as my husband had.

I am also in touch with the family of a sailor, a man in his prime, who should be getting married and starting his own  family, but who is living at home with his elderly parents, struck down by mental problems that developed very shortly after he had the same vaccine as my husband had.

And then there is the lady in a northern country, who is either too frightened or too ashamed of the  mental problems, that hit her like a thunderbolt after she had the Stamaril-vaccine, to speak to me.

Another brave woman wrote and told of her descent into a life of memory loss and unemployment after having  Sanofi Pasteur’s  Stamaril-vaccine. But, as she puts it: “At least  I was never locked-up in a psychiatric hospital like your husband.”

Together with my husband all these people  – and many more we never even hear about – are victims of a vaccine. They are overlooked figures in statistics,  that glow about the success-rates of Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccines. Even though Sanofi Pasteur admits to “fever than 10 cases, including Mr Brabant’s relating to mental disorders”  as they said in a statement, it is still too many.

Right from the beginning of my husband’s catastrophic dive into the darkest corners of a human mind, Sanofi Pasteur could have helped him. I alerted the pharmaceutical company on the day my husband was  placed in a locked-up psychiatric hospital in Athens, Greece.  Sanofi Pasteur asked for access to my husband’s doctors and I instantly granted it. They knew what was happening to him because  – as they have now admitted – it had happened before.

Yet, they not only chose not to help. They lied to us.

It is hard to comprehend the kind of morals that seem to rule Sanofi Pasteur.

Does Jean-Paul Kress, president and CEO of the vaccine-manufacturer  really get up every morning, look himself in the mirror and says: “Today, I am going to screw another victim of our vaccines into the ground.”

And does Richard Stubbins, head of Sanofi Pasteur’s U.K. operations have a daily goal of telling at least one lie in order to ensure that the company stays profitable?

I would not wish my husband’s mental nightmare on any of these gentlemen or one of their loved ones. That would simply  be too cruel.

But I do want justice for my husband.

Click here to buy my husband’s book about his mental illness – U.K. version

Click here to buy my husband’s  book about his mental illness – outside U.K. version



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  1. Angus Files says :

    Just to wish you the best of luck ..having a vaccine destroyed lad now aged 15 years we know a bit of how it is…god bless you all

  2. Yellowriver says :

    Yes you are not alone,it is a crying shame what un-safe vaccines are doing to our children and loved ones. My son now 20 has been through so much since his MMR. Add your voice to now over 1,200 voices of vaccine injury and viewed by over 154 countries worldwide.

  3. nancee voss cousins says :

    what vacine did these people take-i dont think thats clear-i only see mention of yellow fever-what ever is that??argus -is your boy autistic???good luck-

  4. Louise Mclean says :

    There are a lot of dangerous vaccines and people suffering lifelong side effects. The whole theory of vaccines is a myth to make mega fortunes for drug companies. Just take a look at the ingredients here in these package inserts that the patient never sees, and pay special attention to the right hand column.
    How can it logically possibly be healthy to have these substances injected into you and say they prevent disease? It is all nonsense. They just poison the blood and cause a host of reactions. The blood is the deepest part of the immune system that the vaccines are being injected into, making it much harder for the body to process. Normally we contract illness through breathing or ingesting, making it easier for the body to deal with, through these channels.

    • bvsptn2013 says :

      Hi Louise, I still believe that having a vaccination should be a personal choice, but it has to be an INFORMED choice. Without transparency and responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry, we as consumers – and victims – have no protection what-so-ever.

    • Cazzah says :

      Sorry, Louise, but your post just shows up your total lack of knowledge of human biology – how the human body works, how the immune system works, what vaccines actually do when injected into a MUSCLE, not directly into the blood stream. I’m afraid you’ve been taken in by falsehoods
      I agree that pharmaceutical companies make far too much money, but vaccines definitely do the job they are supposed to – they have been the means of protecting many, many millions of lives.
      For all those people who have experienced serious adverse effects, I am extremely sad, but overall, vaccines are beneficial.

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