Justice for my husband – sent mad by routine vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur

Malcolm Brabant

Malcolm in Hospital in Copenhagen

In April 2011, my husband, veteran BBC correspondent Malcolm Brabant, received a  yellow fever vaccination in order to go on assignment to Africa.

Within hours, he was severely ill. He developed a very high fever and a severe  PSYCHOSIS.

My husband has spent months on end in locked-up psychiatric hospitals because of this one little prick in his left arm.

The name of the vaccine is  Stamaril and it is manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur, one of the world’s largest vaccine-manufacturers.

Trine Villemann

Trine Villemann, journalist and author and married to Malcolm Brabant.

My name is  Trine Villemann. I have been married to Malcolm for nearly 17 years.  I am a journalist and an author.

Shortly after my husband fell so catastrophically ill, I notified Sanofi Pasteur of his  severe adverse event to their vaccine. Their repsonse was that there was no link between my husband’s sudden madness  and the Stamaril vaccine.

Sanofi Pasteur claims that they have investigated the  batch of vaccines, my husband’s jab came from,  but they are refusing to share the findings of their investigation. Therefore, we do not know how Sanofi Pasteur has reached  the conclusion that my husband’s high fever and severe psychosis was not caused by their vaccine.

I am convinced that  Sanofi Pasteuer’s yellow fever vaccine DID cause  my husband’s severe psychosis. There is no other explanation for his sudden, catastrophic illness.

Before the vaccine, he was a strong, healthy and happy human being with no history of any mental illness.  After  receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine, he became  so insane, that we had to lock him up.

We have waited for more than two years for Sanofi Pasteur to do the right thing.

I am now starting a campaign for justice for my husband. He was badly injured by Sanofi  Pasteur’s vaccine and our family has suffered a great deal since, not  least our son, Lukas, who was 12 years old, when this disaster struck.

In this blog, I will update you on news about our campaign and my husband.

I will also share some of the information I have gathered over the past two years about Sanofi Pasteur and the safety of their vaccines.

And I will share with you stories about other people, who have suffered mental problems after receiving the yellow fever vaccine.

Please check back regularly for campaign updates and ideas on how you can help us.  If you haven’t done so already, please sign our online petition, like the campaign on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

It happened to my husband. It  can happen to you!


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16 responses to “Justice for my husband – sent mad by routine vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur”

  1. Richard Miron says :

    I wish you well, and most importantly that Malcolm recovers his health and gets justice

  2. barneyspender says :

    I admire your strength and conviction and despise the attitude of Pasteur. This is a terrible story and I hope that you can find some resolution. Not sure what I can do of practical use but be sure I am with you in spirit and will back you in any way I can. Best of luck. Barney

  3. Richard A says :

    I will check whose vaccine I had about 18 months ago, i was so ill after it.

  4. Rita says :

    Praying for Malcolm’s speedy recovery…… and thanks for keeping us updated with this blog.

  5. Paul Murphy. says :

    Have you not started legal action? What’s BBC’s position, since it was work related? What were the medical opinions given?

    • Trine Villemann says :

      Hi Paul, as you can see from my newest post, my husband’s symptoms tick all the boxes used by doctors to estabilsh a causal relationship between a drug or vaccine and an illness or symptom. The Africa-trip was not for the BBC. And yes, we are all geared up for legal action.

  6. Fee Berry says :

    I am wondering if you might obtain useful information and support from people who believe their children were harmed by vaccines. My son has Crohn’s disease, and although I do not link that to the vaccines he received, I used to follow the specific carbohydrate diet as it has been shown to be effective for Crohn’s disease. On one of the support lists for the specific carbohydrate diet were a considerable number of parents with children who they believed had developed autism from the vaccine they had received, who used to share information about chelation therapy and counter-measures (homeopathy, naturopathy and others) that they were undertaking, reporting back sometimes that they had considerable success (an eight year old suddenly beginning to talk, for example, or a child putting on weight who had failed to thrive). In the UK there is JABS, the charity which supports parents with vaccine-damaged children, who may be a source of good information about dealing with pharma companies and government. I have signed the change.org petition, liked the facebook group, and support your fight for information and justice for Malcolm. If I can help in any way, please contact me.

  7. Fee Berry says :

    Dr Mercola writes often exhorting people to investigate vaccines before taking them. I didn’t find an article specifically about yellow fever, but there was an article about people being given blood products which contained yellow fever vaccine in which there were two pieces of information: it is known to the associated with severe adverse effects in the immunocompromised and people over 60 years of age, and one of the known adverse effects is encephalitis. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/02/20/cdc-discloses-that-recipients-received-blood-contaminated-with-vaccine.aspx

    • bvsptn2013 says :

      Thanks Fee, for all your support. My husband has never been diagnosed with encephalitis.My husband was 55, when he received the vaccine. I am in contact with many vaccinegroups and there is a lot of support and care out there for people, who – like my husband – are the victims of corporate irresponsibility and greed.

  8. Ian says :

    Hi, I had a similar reaction to a vaccine. Have you discovered Autoimmune Limbic Encephalitis – it may tick every box and prove it is not psychiatric. I have more information that may assist Malcolm.

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